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With the impact of COVID on all of our lives, it has become clear that Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is now a big factor in how we live and work, but our team saw weaknesses in all the current air purification technologies. With the skills of our founding team, we knew we could produce a better system for IAQ in the workplace.

With no ASHRAE testing standard, and the CDC comments that Ionization is still an emerging technology, our team wondered how we can improve on what is available now.  The challenge was to come up with a way to achieve a high level of  Indoor Air Quality through Ionization that can be delivered and measured on consistent basis.


What if we could deliver the right amount of positive and negative ions to maximize a consistent indoor air quality level?  Then add sensors and controllers to measure and maintain this optimal environment.


We have found a way to make our indoor environment safer and our lives healthier in buildings.  We look forward to sharing more about our story and working with your team.

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